the Camellia sinensis tea plant can produce tea for 50 years.



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Spices are low calories products, with many health benefits. You can use them for adding taste to your food or sweet, you just have to know how to use them.

Most common uses of each spice:

  • Dill Tips: vegetables, fish, salats
  • Vanilla: sweets
  • Basil: sauces, vegetables, salats
  • Cloves: sweet syrups, meat
  • Aniseeds: soy sauce, duck, lamb
  • Bayleaves: soups, ragout
  • Rosemary: sauces, soups
  • Spearmint: minced, salats, vegetables
  • Taragon: fish, sauces
  • Ginger: meat, soups, cookies, sweets
  • Thyme: salats, seafood
  • Cinnamon:confectionery, ragout
  • Cardamon: sweets, meat
  • Curry: meat, rice, vegetables
  • Coriander: meat, potatoes
  • Onion: poultry
  • Parsley: fish, potatoes
  • Fennel seeds: sea food
  • Mastic: bakery, sweets
  • Mint: fruit salats, sweets
  • Cumin seeds: pulses, minced
  • Black Cumin Seeds: bakery, sweets
  • Mahlab: bakery, sweets, biscuits
  • Nutmeg: biscuits, meat, cakes
  • Mustard Powder: meat, salads, sauces, poultry
  • All spice: sauces, meat
  • Paprika: chicken, eggs, fish
  • Smoked Paprika: meat, poultry
  • Poppy seeds: cakes, biscuits, creams
  • White Pepper: fish, potatoes
  • Cayenne Pepper: fish, poultry, sea food
  • Chili Pepper: meat, fish, pasta
  • Black Pepper: meat, fish, pasta
  • Green Pepper: sauces, meat
  • Turmeric: rice, chicken
  • Safran: rice, fish
  • Celery: salats, sauces, vegetables soups
  • Black Mustard seeds: sauces
  • Garlic: meat, pasta, vegetables
  • Soumac: meat, salats
  • Sage: meat, pasta